As a government agency, you have unique challenges.


Since your programs are utilizing public funds, you face high standards of accountability and transparency, and must be able demonstrate results so that future program funding may be assured.


You must successfully manage coalitions between your agency, private enterprise, nonprofits, key influencers, stakeholders and other government organizations. You are faced with a mandate to increase awareness of important public issues and achieve measurable forward progress of your agency's agenda.


Public apathy and the spread of misinformation are among the biggest communication hurdles agencies experience. It becomes a challenge to deliver key facts and raise awareness of important issues among the right constituents when facing a skeptical media. Therefore, you must take proactive measures to protect your agency from bad publicity, that when left unchecked, can erode public confidence and support, setting your policy agenda back months or even years.

At Northeast PR, we have direct experience in handling the specific challenges you face.

We work with all levels of government—federal, state and local—in order to help you achieve your public communication goals.


We conduct one-on-one interviews with your constituents to determine their top-of-mind concerns. Finding common ground between an agency's goal and the public need, allows us to design responsive public information campaigns that are precise, relevant, focused, measurable and proven to succeed.


We have demonstrated solutions that reverse the trend of negative media reporting and place your positive stories in the news, building public awareness and goodwill.


Our experience designing successful public events and forums provides you with an effective channel of communication between your agency and its constituents so that you may connect with them and become more responsive to their needs.


Furthermore, our government contracting experience and certifications allow you to meet your diversity goals. Northeast PR is a VA-Verified Veteran-Owned Small Business, a Rhode Island Certified Minority Business Enterprise and belongs to the Small Business Administration HubZone and 8(a) programs.

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