Marketing has changed. Your campaigns from 2012 won’t work today. Why?


Your customers have become:


  • Mobile - The majority of people are untethered from their computers and now access your content on their smartphones. Is your content mobile-friendly?

  • Sales resistant - With the rise of ad blockers and customizable social newsfeeds, if your company starts with a sales pitch, it may be blocked forever with a single click. Therefore, your marketing content must be chock full of valuable insights to engage your customers.

  • Socially conscious - When customers do business with your company, they are "voting" with their dollars for social causes that are important to them. They expect you to be responsible stewards of the community (locally, nationally, globally), to take a stand on social issues and protect the environment. But it is not enough for you to simply promote these qualities. You must demonstrate your commitment through action, lead by example and use an integrated public relations campaign to make sure the message is heard loud and clear.

  • Socially connected - Your customers are your biggest advocates and may become an army of volunteer "sales associates" if you empower them. Are you providing content and experiences to your customers that are worthy of sharing? Word-of-mouth marketing is a key driver of public relations success and if you are not building this element into your campaigns, you are missing out on the potential to reach thousands of more customers.

  • Short on attention - You have less than 2 seconds to capture your customers’ attention and then you must get to the point quickly. You must speak their language, talk about the issues that matter to them and personalize your marketing to the individual rather than the crowd.


The ways to reach your customers have evolved almost overnight. Whether your budget is large or small, we have the tools and know-how to precisely reach your target audience and make a huge impact.

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Client Spotlight

Arpin Group

"The green transformation of an international mover"

Arpin Group (which includes Arpin Van Lines and Arpin International Group) began its journey a decade ago to become the most environmentally-friendly mover in the world. Northeast PR worked with Arpin to attract maximum media attention and choose the right publications, mediums and technology to spread its message.


One notable PR campaign involved Arpin Group's subsidiary, Arpin Renewable Energy (ARE), which was a key partner in launching the first electric car charging station in Rhode Island. Northeast PR interviewed the installer, corporate partners and electric car advocates, to create a series of press releases that generated awareness and anticipation of the unveiling. We coordinated several media interviews on the day of the event, that included the Rhode Island governor and ARE's CEO. The story was covered widely by the Providence Journal, television news, and renewable energy publications.


The 10-year result: Arpin earned over 1,200 positive media placements worth over $3 million in advertising equivalency. Furthermore, Arpin received public recognition from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, industry associations and corporate partners for its social responsibility efforts—all key milestones on its path toward becoming a $250 million international company and the #1 customer-rated mover.

Today, customers universally recognize Arpin as the trusted choice for both excellent service and leadership in protecting the environment.

Electric car charging station
Electric car charging station
Arpin Group
Abacus Health Solutions
employee health

Abacus Health Solutions

"Improving health outcomes"

Abacus Health Solutions provides employers, brokers and hospitals with an array of unique programs and services to address chronic condition management.


The company was preparing to launch its new product called the Good Health Gateway, in which corporate employees access their medical profiles online in order to receive important information about managing their health. Abacus needed to get the word out to companies across the nation.


Northeast PR worked with Abacus to develop a strategy for its product launch. We identified a trend among companies that were promoting employee health to help lower insurance premiums and increase productivity. Using customer metrics and stories, we designed a series of press releases to generate awareness of this growing trend and the solutions top companies were utilizing. We then distributed and pitched these press releases to major employee-health related publications and websites.


The result: Abacus was featured in a major article in Time Magazine and received placements in dozens of other health publications. Abacus saw an increase in inbound inquiries regarding the system and the company now is recognized as an industry leader in managing employee health outcomes.