The Causes we believe in and support

At Northeast PR we don't just preach cause marketing, we lead by example. Here are our chosen causes and areas of focus:

Renewable Energy


  • Reducing barriers to efficient growth of clean renewable energy by making it affordable as well as accessible to low and moderate income populations.


Community Planning & Development


  • Planning for the development/beatification of underutilized or distressed public, residential and business zones as well as the modernization of public infrastructure and services in urban areas.

Economic Growth

  • Improving Rhode Island’s economy by encouraging innovation, attracting large companies, startups and entrepreneurs, thereby providing attractive opportunities for recent college graduates and others.


Supporting Technological Advancement


  • Helping the public sector utilize innovations in science, technology and data research to improve communication and the ability to solve public problems while increasing social equality.


  • The adoption of autonomous vehicles to improve traffic safety, restore mobility to the elderly, reduce congestion and limit pollution.

Veterans Issues

  • Helping our veterans thrive by supporting vet-owned businesses.

The Power of Cause Marketing

Corporate social responsibility (CSR), social enterprise, B Corps. There are many terms for cause marketing.

Several large corporations have been making headlines lately by taking a stand on a social issue or adopting a cause. This raises important questions for other companies considering a similar path:

What is the business case/ROI for cause marketing?


Is it just for mega corporations or can a mid-sized business take advantage of this movement?


How is cause marketing different from philanthropy?


What are the risks?

At Northeast PR, we are specialists in helping organizations navigate these questions and more. Whether you are new to cause marketing or a seasoned veteran in this industry, we can guide you to the next step.


The Business Case for Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is not only the right thing to do from an ethical standpoint, but it also makes excellent business sense:


  • A global corporate social responsibility survey found 90% of customers are likely to switch to a cause-branded product.

  • 64% of customers want businesses to integrate social impact directly into their business models.

  • Organizations that successfully engage in a cause marketing program can receive numerous tangible and intangible benefits such as enhanced reputation, increased sales, expansion of market potential and greater positive media exposure.

However, many companies do not know how to properly manage a cause marketing campaign. 70% of Americans find that company communications about social responsibility efforts are confusing.

If you have been evaluating cause marketing as a business development possibility, contact us for a no-obligation consultation so we may find the right path for you.